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Germantown, MD


I am very glad they were the first plumber on Yelp who replied to my request for a few projects at my house. The technician who came to my house was great. He fixed my two toilets and installed a new faucet in just under 2 hours.

One of the toilets was an easy fix where the "guts" just needed to be replaced, and I just didn't want to do it myself. But, the other one ended up needing the venting to be snaked so it was a pretty intensive thing. I had not been able to use that toilet for a few months because it wouldn't retain water in the bowl portion and would drain within a day and now... 24 hours later, the bowl of the toilet is still holding water. Thank you, Eric!

The faucet they were replacing had a broken aerator and they offered to just fix that for a few bucks instead of charging me for the time to install the new one (Looking out for my pocket, which I appreciated). But, I liked the new one better so I had them change it out anyway.

I would definitely recommend using this company and I will be using them for future projects as well.

Kelly R.

Gaithersburg, MD


Great service! We had previously been using a large company, and had problems with them not being able to properly repair/complete jobs. We decided to try someone new and called Peddicord for a simple shower clog, and he Roberto was in and out in no time. He told us that the prior plumber, who had been out only a few months earlier, only snaked our drain and never addressed the heavy calcium that had built up in the pipes. He cleared away all of the calcium and the clog is gone. I feel like we were well taken care of. The previous company left the calcium in the drain, so that we'd likely have to call back with another clog for them to take care of. I am relieved to know that the problem was properly addressed. Thank you Roberto and Peddicord!

Angies’ List Member


Mr. Peddicord came twice to my home to repair my faucet's stopper. The first time he brought a replacement stopper assembly because he had not seen my faucet, which because it is an American Standard faucet cannot have any parts replaced except the exact same American Standard parts. So he told me he'd be back after I had ordered and received the stopper from American Standard. I was very pleased to find the stopper under "Limited Supply" and order it at no cost.

Mr. Peddicord responds quickly to phone calls and came shortly after I received the stopper. Before he finished attaching the stopper he asked me if I wanted it attached or unattached. I chose attached, but because I now live in a condo was very relieved to discover that my grody stopper is unattached. He is highly responsive, competent, and instructive.

Allen C.

Silver Spring, MD


These guys are the absolute best! I had an electric water heater that wasn't working so I figured it was the heating elements that were shot. They came and replaced the heating elements and thermostats and now the water heater is as good as new. I also had an issue with a shower having really poor flow. After taking apart the handle, they determined it was likely the shower valve cartridge that needed to be replaced. I had no idea about the brand or model of the faucet, but after they took a few pictures and consulted their parts guy, they were able to determine the part that was needed. This did require them to come to the house a second time to fix the shower, but the part was an exact match and was installed successfully to fix the shower flow.

Pricing is very fair and they communicate with you every step of the way. They did note that my water heater was quite old (and past its expected life), but did not pressure me in any way to replace it. I always love people and companies that give you knowledge or advice without the high pressure sales pitch. Definitely, definitely recommend!

Angies’ List Member


We were the first appointment and they came right on time. He showed me what they planned to do. The work took about 3 hours. He also capped off the old pipe so it could not leak again. They were responsive and professional.



As one of the largest home inspection companies in the country we have many opportunities to refer our clients to contractors. In doing so we have received many calls thanking us for recommending Peddicord Plumbing Services. Then in the beginning of this year we were looking to have some work done in our own home. They did an excellent job roughing in a difficult kitchen sink in our basement apartment. These guys are great.